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There are 4 STEPS to complete the Online Entry Process. It is important that you review this information, so that you will have the necessary information and documents on hand to successfully complete the entry process.

Enter your contact information and upload your Competition Essay. Acceptable file formats are .doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, and .rtx
    Your essay question is: Write an essay, that explains how you plan, through your studies and continuing your education, to improve the state of West Virginia or make an impact here??

Complete the online form for the WV Scholar Competition.

You will need your high school transcript, your high school's CEEB or ACT code numbers, social security number, parent's employment information, siblings' names, ages and education, your extracurricular activities for the last 4 years, etc.
    To help make your online entry process faster and easier, download or print this copy of the application to use as a reference for information gathering. Get the Application >>.

Review and agree to the official rules of the WV Scholar Competition.

Print the High School Academic Request form and complete the section requesting your personal information; then take the form to your high school counselor to have the counselor's section of the form completed.

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